My love/hate affair with shoes


My husband refers to me as an Imelda Marcos wannabe and even the boys have taken to commenting on any new shoe purchases.  But I strongly believe that a good outfit can be destroyed by the wrong shoe choice and just by changing your shoes you can transform an outfit from day to night.

But I don’t always find success with my purchases.  As I mentioned previously, I have been pretty unsuccessful with shoe shopping online.  It seems to be more of an art than a science.

But I can also make bad choices even when buying in a shop and I have a huge hole in my foot caused by the most gorgeous Chloe wedges to prove it.

I have tried having them stretched professionally but if anything they seem to be worse.  I have walked around the house in them with thick sock on, but still they are killing me.

I am heartbroken.  They are just so gorgeous and make my legs look longer and leaner, but they are cutting my feet to shreds.

It’s a sad day….

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Judith Hobby started Judith Hobby Clothing in Dubai in 2011 in response to the lack of affordable fashion forward clothing in the market. Previously Judith had travelled overseas and bought back items that she thought would be of interest to her clients, however, interesting and affordable pieces became increasingly difficult to source. In response to this she tried her hand at designing a couple of simple pieces to see if anyone would be interested – the demand was overwhelming and she sold out in one day! Recognising the region she lives in and the requirements for a more conservative approach to dress, the pieces are designed for mixing, matching and layering year around. You can find her on <a rel="author" href="">Google +</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a>