My First Look Book Photo Shoot

Look Book Photo Shoot

It is time for me to pick up the pace and launch my first look book.  Michael from Michael Kruger Photography and I went back and forth on how we wanted it to look but once we narrowed down some options the final feel came together very quickly and we LOVE what we have come up with.

The Look Book was shot in a fantastic studio with Trudie doing hair and make-up and Cora modelling.  Michael was behind the camera and the finished shots look fantastic.  Now we just need to put it all together!

The whole experience was an absolute pleasure and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I cant wait to show you the results.

Judith Hobby Clothing

Judith Hobby started Judith Hobby Clothing in Dubai in 2011 in response to the lack of affordable fashion forward clothing in the market. Previously Judith had travelled overseas and bought back items that she thought would be of interest to her clients, however, interesting and affordable pieces became increasingly difficult to source. In response to this she tried her hand at designing a couple of simple pieces to see if anyone would be interested – the demand was overwhelming and she sold out in one day! Recognising the region she lives in and the requirements for a more conservative approach to dress, the pieces are designed for mixing, matching and layering year around. You can find her on <a rel="author" href="">Google +</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a>