Menswear Launch

JHC Menswear

I have been asked by a number of guys to create a menswear range – so I thought I would take the plunge.

I actually found it quite easy as a number of JHC womenswear pieces can be simply converted to menswear. For instance, I have modified the Ted Shorts and reinvented them for guys.

The only issue is that most of the guys in Dubai are very conservative in their dress. They wear t-shirts or polo shirts and jeans, shorts or chinos. So I’m not expecting the range to be a commercial success, but it’s been a fun experience.

So watch this space as we launch the JHC Menswear range on 28 March.

Lying On The Beach In Sri Lanka…


Sometimes you just need to take time to decompress and lying on the beach is my ideal way. Of course it seems that I can never totally switch off as that’s where I’m lying as I write this. I also cannot stop shopping. I love to buy from hawkers on the beach. I must have 100’s of sarongs from various beach outings – and now I have two more!!

Even though I’m lucky enough to live in Dubai where its nearly always sunny, it’s just not the same as the laid back atmosphere of a beach holiday and pottering around stalls and checking out hawkers selections is one of my favourite ways to chill.

Wholesale Experience

Wholesale ExperienceI recently went to London to check out a wholesale fashion exhibition which is one of the largest in the world and to be honest I was totally underwhelmed.

The clothes seemed to fit into three categories: designed for under 25 year olds, clubbing outfits and “nana” clothes.

It would seem that the fashion industry continues to ignore women aged over 35 years of age who still enjoy fashion.

That’s how JHC came into being and it appears that we are still operating in something of a niche market. It never ceases to amaze me how the fashion industry gives the impression that we disappear once we have kids and perhaps don’t have the figures we once had. That’s simply not true.

Still on a positive note, I did have a fantastic weekend with my girlfriends with lots of laughs.